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About Us

We are a gourmet organic food truck based in Jupiter, Florida and it’s love at first bite. Our vision of food is that it fulfills one’s needs on multiple levels as opposed to simply satiating hunger. We feed body, mind, soul and environment.

Our guiding principles are respect, love, empathy, excellence and unity. We are one. If you can’t afford to eat, we will allow you to pay what you can. We are passionate about helping the local community.

You don’t have to choose between your health and tasty, flavorful cuisine. Menu often changes based on seasonality, availability, what is freshest, and what we are into at the time. Our interests range from foraging to fermentation and nearly everything is made in house.

When you use the finest quality ingredients and have a respect for their preparation and presentation it gives an edge that is unattainable if using processed, manipulated, nutrient-bare ingredients in food. We are constantly growing and expanding our horizons. We are voracious readers and learners and we have an appetite for more!

Why Organic?

In one word – REAL.

To paraphrase Michael Pollan: “…food your great, great-grandmother would recognize as food”.  Food (and more importantly ingredients) that is from nature, of nature and in harmony with nature. Put another way, food that is produced in as close a manner as to what has been done for thousands of years.  Food that is respectful, alive and super tasty!Food that is righteous.

Now that we have talked about what Organic is, let’s touch on what Organic is not. Not GMO, Not synthetic, Not altered genetically in a lab, Not sprayed with harsh pesticides, fed with toxic fertilizer and irradiated. Not processes and preserved to extinction of all vitality.

Simply put it is conscious food. Food Island, “Swim Out”…..”It’s ❤ @ 1st Bite!”

Rave, Rant or Revelation we welcome your input. You are the reason we do this.

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